Romantic Poetry


Fortune teller



It was a character assassination he'd known it from the start

she had framed him with her innocence

then shed walked off with his heart

though there were many times he'd wondered


The thoughts were in his head

he'd dreamt about her intellect then imagined her in bed

the dreams ans aspirations he'd set them all aside

he'd wandered through that valley searching for his bride


Down the shadows of the darkness where light sometimes doth creep

he'd whispered to his poet friend as he lay fast asleep

the moonlight told its story and the knight was full of lusts

with clantly dressed bare maidens and starlight up above


The soldiers in their fortress were singing songs of war

though the battles were all over and the ship was on the shore

the conquests were forsaken for just one tear of woe

when the upstart mentioned love and peace the dew stirred down below


The doctrines were all crafted in prose of scented mists

whilst the lover in his bed that night mumbled through her lips

the last abandoned soldier was left there on the bridge

where the moon was blessed to cast its light and the fortune was to give.


Got myself an angel




Ive got myself an angel

she says a little devil you know

but Ive got myself an angel

i love her don't you know


Ive got myself a sweetheart

a lady of my dreams

shes the sweetest gal from Michigan

i saw her in my dreams


Ive got myself an angel

with a cheeky grin and eyes

that look right through you

in a world that tantalize


Ive got myself a sweetheart

a child of the prairie too

with lips of honey we've little money

but Ive got me an angel true


They say there's gold in heaven

like the stardust in her eyes

shes the cutest little darling

but shes really an angel in my eyes


Ive got myself an angel

with a heart that's oh so true

with kisses in the moonlight

I'm just little boy blue


Ive got myself an angel God granted this wish from on high

with a gal whose truly something else

I'm a lucky guy so wise


Ive got myself an angel

sweet glory came to me

there's a method in this madness

I'm a lucky son of a gun you see


Ive got myself an angel

with eyes ans kisses sweet

she took me for a Savior's friend

then swept me off my feet.


 The heart of the country




In the heart of the country

where my pen has come to rest

I'll forever be indebted

to the poets of the best


Where the heather speaks their language

where the willow bends its boughs

where the rivers ran so smoothly

where lovers made their vows


In the heart of the country

where the rabbits still run free

where the Fox's and the deers are bred

where the lambs are playing on the hills


Where the clover paints the meadows sweet

where the Lillie's spread the lakes

where the poets write of majesty

down English country lanes


Where the haystacks glorify the scenes

of five barred farming gates

where the tractor runs the hills at night

where there's couples down each lane


Here the cock crows in the dawning

here the dogs bark every day

where the roses bloom in springtime

to greet you on your way.