On Bobble Hats And Heritage

You know, I don’t want to be accused of being a ‘negative Nancy’ but I don’t think the human race will see out the year. Yeah, I think its ‘extinction o’clock’ you guys! We are done for. It’s the end! But don’t run for the hills or scream or panic or move or leave or try or hope or attempt to find any solutions. ¬†There are no solutions, there’s nowhere to run, there’s nowhere to hide, there’s not even any need to panic, because it’s just the end. It was always going to happen, it was always going to kill, and it was always going to be annoying. And now its happening, its going to kill, and its annoying. Whoopdedoo!

E5T263 Teenage boy eating sweets.


But there’s time yet to celebrate what made us great! Like MacDonalds, Iphones, Amelia Jane Bobble Hats, cheese, cash, money, rain, wind, soul, pink things, the Disney films, the Marvel films, Superman, Batman, IronMan, Other Men, caravans, other types of cheese, the good stuff! I love bobble hats, its an old tradition in my family to wear them (bobble hats that is) and I’m so happy to see Amelia Jane keeping the torch burning so brightly! Bobble Hats! Bobble Hats! Bobble Hats! All together now! Bobble Hats!


Everything will be fine you guys RELAX.



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