A Return To Poetry

Its been too long since I’ve written on this site.

Why, you ask?

I’ll tell you.

My life has become too complex – the life of the world is too hard to track, yet we have all the tools that we need to do so. With my trusty Apple iPhone loaded with a whole host of apps, I can track and trace every single part of my life. Everything from the amount of steps that I walk each day, to the hours of sleep I get each night, to the amount of calories I eat. All of these little programs and applications help me focus even more on myself, my own life, nothing else.

Considering the amount of time that I’ve been using to check my progress through life, its no wonder that I’ve not managed to write a single poem in almost a year. So what went wrong? Its not like this technology wasn’t around last year. What excuse could I possibly have for abandoning my one and only creative output?

Its not just the black mirror in my pocket, constantly begging me to gaze into its inky depths, its the entire world. There is just too much to keep track of. Too many TV shows that demand my attention, too many friends that are constantly clamouring for me to approve of their new lifestyle choices.

“Did you know I’m vegan now? It’s really helping me pass-”

“I don’t care please stop talki-.”

“Anyway – I’m working on only buying organic clothes now but its just so hard…

It’s endless and it’s all their fault.

I know what you’re thinking. Why don’t I just get rid of them?

All I have to do is go to my phone and start deleting contacts. One at a time, I could start severing my ties with each and every one of my ‘friends’ until only the precious few that don’t distract or annoy me remain. There wouldn’t be many and they, ironically, would probably be the ones that simply don’t like me that much. After all, the people that are constantly haranguing me for advice, inviting me to parties and sending me messages are probably the people that care about me most in the world.

For the sake of my own sanity I suppose it would be wise just to keep a few acquaintances kicking around.

After all, I’ve heard its important to keep people around, in case of accidents.

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